All About Posting

The main part of your blog is posting. Lets get a little familiar with all the functions available for posting. When you created your blogger account and you selected start blogging, you were directed to the posting page. The posting tab is highlighted at the top, you are in create, where you type in your message. The next choice to the right is Edit Posts. This is where you can go back and change posts that youv'e already posted. I will get to that in the next post. Next is Comment Moderation, again I will get to that in another post. For now we are in create. Fill in the title of your blog. Type in what ever you want to say in your post. Now lets get to all those options above your post section.

Some of these options are pretty obvious while others are not. Here is a list in order.

  1. Font
  2. Font Size
  3. Bold
  4. Italic
  5. Font color
  6. Add a Link
  7. Left-justify
  8. Center
  9. Right-justify
  10. Full-justify
  11. Ordered (numbered) list
  12. Unordered (bullet) list
  13. Blockquote
  14. Spell check
  15. Upload image
  16. Add Video
  17. Remove formatting from selection

Now you also see 3 options to the right corner; Edit Html, Compose and Preview. Edit Html tab can be used to go deeper into the post and add html codes to get functions not available with the basic post. Compose is basic posting. Preview is to see your post before you publish it.

Now below you see Post Options; This allows you to opt for comments or no comments on this post. There will be more on comments in another post. Next is Labels for your post. This is optional. Labels will quickly let a reader know what your post is about and if you click on a label it will bring up other posts with the same label.

At the bottom you can SAVE NOW as you go not to lose what you may have started. When you are finished you can PUBLISH POST.