Getting Familiar With the Basics Settings Tab

Under the Settings tab there is quite a bit of info. I will skim over the basics of settings in this section. Any complicated or detailed instructions will be found in another post. The basic tab is where you can import or export posts from your blogs. This also where you have the option to delete your blog all together. If you choose to delete your blog you will be prompted to confirm before it actually deletes. You will also find the title of your blog. You can go in and change the title of your blog at any time. There is a box that you can type in a description of your blog. This description will appear in the header underneath the title of your blog. Many options are set by default for you in the Basics Settings Tab. The options, I would guess to be the common option of most bloggers. You can however select to change any of the options. Most of the options come with a brief explanation of what they are for to help you decide whether to leave the default or change it.