Sign Up for Affliates

You can search online for affliates to place ads on your blog as well. You will want to choose to advertise products or services similiar to the theme of your blog. Once you have an account wuth an affliate, they will provide you with a link, a html code or javascript that you can add to your blog. You can do this by adding a gadget and inserting the code in the HTML/JavaScript or by simply adding a link. Keep in mind that if you add a link. The a href tags and ending tags, are automatically added to your link and will not work if you manually add them as well in the Add a Link Gadget.

I have created a list of a few Affliate Companies that you can check out. Some of these affliate companies will approve you right away, while others may take some time. You will need to do some investigating on each companies terms and policies before you sign up to advertise for them.
Amazon Associates Program
Affliate Future
Commission Junction
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