Change the Padding

Padding is the space between your words or images and their margins or borders if you will. To add space, you will need to go in and edit your html. Search for the word padding and you will find it several times. There will be padding for the header, padding for the posts, padding for your images, padding for the footer and padding for the sideposts. Depending on where you want to change the padding you will need to find it in the html and change the number before the px. Your header by default will look some thing like this.

So for example: If you want to change the padding in your header search for this code in your html.(Minema template)

#header h1 {

margin:5px 5px 0;

padding:15px 20px .25em;
letter-spacing:.2em; font: $pagetitlefont;}

To change the padding, change the number before the px. The first px is the spaces on the top and the second px is the space from right to left.

In this example I changed the padding to 0 and now it looks more like this: